Living Hope Reformed Presbyerian Church, Toronto

" I personally welcome you to our community.
Come and experience the Hope we share together. "
                                                     - Kiernan  

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Bible Teaching

Living Hope Sermons...

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Parent Directory - 07-01-07_Heb11v32-38.mp3 3.7M 06-12-31_TheGuidingHandOfGod.mp3 3.5M 06-12-24_Matt1v18-23.mp3 3.5M 06-12-17_Heb11v29-31.mp3 3.7M 06-12-10_DyingWellByFaith_Heb11v20-22..> 3.6M 06-12-03_Habakkuk3_SteveZink.mp3 3.2M 06-11-26_Heb11v23-28.mp3 3.9M 06-11-19_Heb11v17-19.mp3 3.3M 06-11-12_Heb11v11-12.mp3 4.1M 06-11-05_Heb11v8-16.mp3 4.8M 06-10-29_Heb11v7.mp3 3.8M 06-10-22_Heb11v4-6.mp3 4.6M 06-10-15_Prov28v13.mp3 3.3M 06-10-08_Ps63.mp3 4.7M 06-10-01_2John.mp3 2.9M 06-09-24_Heb11v1-3.mp3 5.1M 06-09-17_2Tim1v13-14.mp3 5.5M 06-09-10_Matt10v5-15.mp3 4.5M 06-09-03_Johah4.mp3 4.3M 06-08-27_John2v1-11_TheSignOfWine.mp3 3.2M 06-08-20_Jonah3v1-10.mp3 3.2M 06-08-13_Jonah2v1-10.mp3 4.1M 06-08-06_Jonah1v1-17.mp3 3.5M 06-07-30_Jonah1v1-3.mp3 3.9M 06-07-23_Jeremiah29v1-11.mp3 4.2M 06-07-09_Eph6v10_TheStrengthFromOutsi..> 3.0M 06-07-02_Psalm8_WhatIsMan.mp3 2.9M 06-06-25_Prov3v5-6_LevelPaths.mp3 3.3M 06-06-18_Luke2v25-35_TheGreatestStory..> 3.2M 06-06-11am_Matt14v22-33.mp3 6.2M 06-06-04am_James1v2-8_LetHimAsk.mp3 3.9M 06-05-28am_1John3v1-3.mp3 3.7M 06-05-21am_Gal5v1-6.mp3 3.9M 06-05-14am_Gal4v21-31.mp3 4.1M 06-05-07am_Gal4v8-20_DontGoBack.mp3 4.2M 06-04-30am_Gal4v1-7_SonsOfGod.mp3 3.9M 06-04-23am_Gal3v26-29.mp3 4.1M 06-04-16am_Rom4v25_EasterMessage.mp3 2.7M 06-04-09am_Deut14v1-2_ChristianIdenti..> 4.3M 06-04-02pm_Phil3v12-14_TakingHoldOfRe..> 3.2M 06-04-02am_Gen1-3_TheSearchForSignifi..> 4.4M 06-03-26pm_Phil3v10-11_TheCrucifiedAn..> 3.4M 06-03-26am_Gal3v19-25_WhyTheLaw.mp3 4.4M 06-03-19pm_Phil3v2-9_TwoKindsOfRighte..> 3.8M 06-03-19am_Gal3v15-18.mp3 4.9M 06-03-12pm_Ps93_TheDieIsCast.mp3 3.2M 06-03-12am_Gal3v10-14.mp3 4.2M 06-03-05am_Gal3v1-9.mp3 4.4M 06-02-26am_Gal2v11-21_SanctifiedByFai..> 4.4M 06-02-19pm_Ps103v1-5.mp3 2.6M 06-02-19am_Gal2v11-16.mp3 3.9M 06-02-12pm_Psalm27v4.mp3 3.3M 06-02-12am_Gal2v1-10.mp3 4.5M 06-02-05pm_Psalm115v3.mp3 3.5M 06-02-05am_Gal1v11-24.mp3 3.7M 06-01-29pm_Psalm65.mp3 3.8M 06-01-29am_Gal1v6-10.mp3 4.2M 06-01-22pm_Psalm65.mp3 2.7M 06-01-22am_Gal1v10.mp3 3.8M 06-01-15pm_Psalm65.mp3 3.3M
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Living Hope Vision Statement

To participate in a gospel movement that serves and totally transforms Toronto for Jesus Christ.

Core Values:

  1. We believe that God's worship is His desire for and His gift for Toronto.
  2. We believe the gospel's transforming power is unleashed through prayer.
  3. We believe that honesty, encouragement, and sacrifice are essential to a thriving community of believers.
  4. We believe that life change best happens in small groups.
  5. We believe that church planting is the most effective means of transforming our city.