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If you haven't already read it, you've certainly heard of The Da Vinci Code by now. It's becoming a significant religious influence on the minds of people around the world. It's also affording an unparalleled opportunity to answer important questions with the truth of Historic Biblical Christianity.

The Da Vinci Code is a popular "fiction novel" by Dan Brown. Having sold 40 million copies worldwide, and soon to be released as a movie, The Da Vinci Code claims to be accurate and factual. However, the novel presents a direct challenge against the historic gospel writings, the divinity of Jesus, and other basics of the Christian faith.

In his book Counterfeit Code Dr. James Beverley summarizes the heretical claims:

  1. The traditional gospels are not reliable
  2. Christianity, like all religions, is based on a fabrication
  3. The miracles of Jesus are not to be taken literally
  4. Almost everything the Church Fathers taught about Jesus is inaccurate
  5. The Church suppressed the true gospel provided in Gnostic scriptures and in the Dead Sea Scrolls
  6. Jesus is not divine
  7. The real Jesus was a nature-loving pagan
  8. The earliest Jews and Christians engaged in sexual rituals and were right to do so
  9. Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene
  10. Jesus and Mary had a child named Sarah
  11. The remains of Mary Magdalene represent the Holy Grail
  12. Constantine invented the divinity of Jesus
  13. Constantine created the traditional Bible
  14. The dynasty of Jesus and Mary merged with French kings
  15. These truths were suppressed by power-hungry leaders through Church History
  16. These truths about Jesus were preserved by the secret society known as the Priory of Sion
  17. These truths were also taught through hidden symbols in the art of Leonardo da Vinci
  18. The real Jesus would identify with witchcraft and paganism
  19. Many views of Jesus were copied from pagan religion
  20. Nothing in Christianity is original
* Counterfeit Code is available from http://www.JamesBeverley.com

There are several possibilities for evangelistic response:

  • Educate yourself about the Da Vinci Code so you're ready to answer questions.
  • Attend a Da Vinci Code conference and invite unbelieving friends too.
  • Show a Da Vinci Code DVD at your home and invite unbelieving friends.
  • Buy a few dozen "giveaway" copies of A Quest for Answers: the Da Vinci Code by Josh McDowell
  • Buy a few dozen "giveaway" copied of Coral Ridge's Da Vinci DVD response

To help you continue your research, we've listed websites, apologetics conferences, books, DVDs, tracts, flyers, MP3 Audio, several and other resources here.


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