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Da Vinci Events

Conference: Decoding Da Vinci Code - Jarvis Street Baptist Church
May 20, 2006, Morning (free admission)
9:00 How Historical is Da Vinci? - Pastor Glendon Thompson
10:20 The Bible: Just a Collection of Opinions? - Pastor Kirk Wellum
11:30 Christ and the Early Church - Dr. Michael Haykin
Download MP3 Lectures of the Conference.

Professor James Beverley

Da Vinci Code Books, Pastor's Resources, and Pamphlets: http://jamesbeverley.com/
Online: Open Letter to Dan Brown from Dr. James Beverley

Da Vinci MP3 Audio (FREE)

MP3 Messages Refuting the Da Vinci Code: http://www.sermonaudio.com/...

In a presentation on the Da Vinci Code at Cedarview Community Church in Newmarket on Feb 19, 2006, Dr. Beverley showed how Dan Brown's theories are largely rooted in the imagination of a 20th century fraud and con-man. An MP3 recording of Dr. Beverley's talk at Cedarview is available here.

Materials by Josh McDowell at BeyondBelief.com

Tracts, Study Guides, Video Series and Fact Sheets
Evangelistic Book: A Quest for Answers
DVD Seminar, Research notes and Pastor's Resources

Da Vinci DVD Responses

Coral Ridge and AFA produced a 60 minute DVD documentary with Dr. James Kennedy: http://www.afa.net/petitions/davincidelusion.htm $25USD
DVD Trailer: http://davincidelusion.tv
For bulk purchase ministry pricing (USD$1.44/DVD) call 1 800 988 7884. This DVD is not restricted: Show it to whoever you want, whenever you want.

The Da Vinci Deception Experience DVD by Erwin Lutzer http://solascriptura.safeshopper.com/... $35.50CAD

The Da Vinci Code Deception DVD documentary
http://www.christianbook.com/... $15.99USD
http://solascriptura.safeshopper.com/... $27CAD

Da Vinci Books

A wide selection of Books, Audio and Video Resources is available from Sola-Scriptura: http://solascriptura.safeshopper.com/...

Exploring Da Vinci Code by Lee Strobel
http://www.christianbook.com/... $3.49USD

Breaking the Da Vinci Code by Darrel L. Bock
http://solascriptura.safeshopper.com/... $29CAD

Hank Hanegraaff's "Da Vinci Code: Fact or Fiction?" http://www.equip.org/store/details.asp?SKU=B775

Tracts and Other Resources

FREE Tract: http://www.souldevice.org/davincicodetract.html

Discussion guides and curriculum kit are linked from this page: http://www.willowcreek.com/...

Da Vinci Web Sites

RBC Ministries Da Vinci Q&A Site - FREE online PDF booklet http://www.rbcDaVinciCode.org/

Westminster Seminary's Response (onliine Audio, Video, Articles): http://www.thetruthaboutdavinci.com

Answers In Genesis Article: http://www.answersingenesis.org/...

Dangerous Code - article by Dr. James Beverley http://www.christianity.ca/...

Da Vinci Quotes from Brown's book: http://www.apologeticsindex.org/d50aa.html

Sony Pictures' Da Vinci Dialog Site: http://www.thedavincidialogue.com/

Da Vinci Hoax online content: http://www.ignatius.com/...

Christianity Today Review and links: http://www.christianitytoday.com/...

Dan Brown's Book Itself

We can't recommend obtaining the FREE, searchable, electronic PDF version of The Da Vinci Code which is being shared on sites such as BitTorrent.com.

You can either borrow a copy from the library or a friend, or buy a used copy off Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/...

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