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Debate: Does the Christian God Exist?

Debate Feb 11 2006 Index
Date: Feb 11, 2006

New Creation Reformed Presbyterian Church in Kitchener and the Humanist Society of K-W hosted a debate Does the Christian God Exist? on Feb. 11, 2006. The debate was held at at Wilfrid Laurier University between Pastor Scott Wilkinson - Pastor of New Creation Church and Professor Christopher diCarlo of WLU Philosophy and the head of the Humanist Society of K-W.

The MP3 recording is 2 hours and 45 minutes long, including the Q&A session. It is complete, unedited, including the part where the recorder fell at about 8 minutes, but excluding about 20 minutes of break time before the Q&A.

Download the 16-bit version (19MB and lower sound quality)
Download the 32-bit version (39MB and higher sound quality)

K-W Record Newspaper Coverage Archived Copy

Check out New Creation Reformed Presbyterian Church on the web: http://www.NewCreationRPC.net

Check out this classic debate on the same topic: http://www.sermonaudio.ca/bahnsen BahnsenVsStein_TheGreatDebate-DoesGodExist.mp3

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