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  • Introduction to Audio Message
  • The following message is by Pastor Kiernan Stringer
  • More information from Living Hope Reformed Presbyterian Church is available from www.LivingHopeRPC.org
  • Conclusion of Audio Message
  • Thank you for listening to this message by Pastor Kiernan Stringer
  • Feel free to make copies of this message to give to others, but please do not charge for those copies or alter the content in any way without permission
  • We invite you to visit Living Hope Reformed Presbyterian Church at www.LivingHopeRPC.org. There you will find dozens of audio sermons all available to you at no charge
  • Living Lope Reformed Presbyterian Church exists to bring the peoples of Toronto into the Worship of the Lord Jesus Christ. We invite you to participate in this vision. Again you may contact Pastor Kiernan Stringer through our website www.LivingHopeRPC.org

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